Male Hormones

It is important to realize that health is not obtained simply by optimizing hormones. Wellness is promoted through hormone optimization, relaxation, meditation (spirituality), nutrition, and exercise. If one component is missing, it affects the others.

As males age, hormone levels traditionally fall. Symptoms can include poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased libido, weight gain, depression, and decreased strength. Often patients are misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety and/or other medical disorders. We do not suddenly developed a “Prozac” deficiency in our mid 40s.

It is foolish to think that one can simply supplement testosterone and not affect other hormones within the endocrine system. Our approach is to teach hormone balance and evaluate all hormones while incorporating education, relaxation, and nutrition into our patients. If I have learned anything about hormone optimization, it is that one size does not fit all. We take a unique approach to each patient. We look forward to working with you and as always, be well.

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